The ability to store energy further enhances the value of solar PV.

Incorporating energy storage on the grid helps to balance supply and demand by storing any ‘excess’ power and making it available when it’s needed. Energy storage enhances the flexibility of the grid; as we add more renewable energy, we will also need to increase storage capacity.


For off-grid or micro-grid installations, energy storage maximises self-consumption of solar power, which is the key to further reducing electricity spend. In simple terms, energy stored during daylight hours is available to use at night, or to boost output during the day to power plant or fast-charge electric vehicles, for example.

Storing energy on-site also supports business continuity by providing back-up power in the case of a grid outage. Improving supply resilience is a valuable benefit given that Brazil’s energy grid is increasingly susceptible to power cuts.

There are several viable energy storage technologies. Battery storage supports generation at peak, demand shifting and reliable backup power – all without the use of polluting fossil fuels.

We work with our partners Micropower and Tesla to integrate battery storage with our solar plant to offer clean, reliable power that can provide an instant response in the case of power outages while enabling cost savings.

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