Solar has grown to become one of the most important sources of energy worldwide.

New solar capacity is outpacing gas and coal, nuclear and even wind.

Solar module prices fell by almost 90% in a decade, helping to make solar energy the fastest-growing power source in the world. The IEA’s ‘Net Zero by 2050’ roadmap calls for a rapid scaling up of solar this decade to reach annual additions of 630 GW of solar photovoltaics by 2030, which is four times the record levels set in 2020.

The IEA’s proposed rate of PV deployment is roughly equivalent to installing the world’s largest solar park every day.

Lisarb offers a complete end-to-end solution for solar. We acquire sites, construct and operate them, as well as raising project finance. We have grown our solar portfolio by 70 times in the last four years.


Our Solar Projects

Distributed Energy

For decades, energy grids the world over were characterised by having a few large, centralised power stations connected to a transmission network that delivers the power to end-users. By contrast, renewable energy assets tend to be more numerous and varied in scale, and are distributed or decentralised; they can be grid-connected or standalone on their own microgrids.

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Energy Storage

The ability to store energy enhances the value of distributed energy.

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Utility Scale PV

Utility-scale, or centralised generation, refers to large-scale front-of-meter plants of 100MW and larger. These plants sell energy on the free market, or via Government auctions.

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