Lisarb Proudly Sponsors ‘This Land’ Art Exhibition at the Royal Cornwall Museum

Global renewables developer celebrates its regional roots and affinity with nature

Lisarb Energy, a fast-growing global renewable energy developer, is delighted to be sponsoring ‘This Land,’ an exhibition this Spring at the Royal Cornwall Museum by renowned regional artist, Natalie Day.

Natalie’s exhibition is billed as “about the land, made of the land.” She harnesses natural pigments and paints sourced from Cornwall’s rugged landscape which, for centuries, has been both an inspiration for cultural rituals and a rich vein of critical minerals – many of which are under renewed demand in low carbon technologies.

The Lisarb Foundation funds grassroots educational, health, cultural and social programmes that make a real difference to the communities neighbouring Lisarb’s operations. From its headquarters in Barnstaple, Devon, the company already supports a leisure centre, youth tennis coaching and an annual theatre festival in southwest England. On a global scale, as far afield as Portugal and Brazil, Lisarb’s sponsorships include a kite-surfing social project, an orphanage, a family resource centre and a neurological charity.

‘This Land’ will be displayed amongst finds from the museum’s extensive geology collection and will be accompanied by workshops and events that bring the community together to discuss and create; echoing the ancient gatherings on Cornwall’s sacred landscapes. Additional funding towards these workshops has been provided by community arts organisation FEAST, in partnership with Arts Council England and Cornwall Council. Also instrumental to the exhibition is Kate Reeve-Edwards of Cultural Capital Arts, who mentored Natalie as she created many of the works on display; helping to verbalise her work and identify the reasons behind it.

Natalie’s creative process reconnects to an often-forgotten knowledge of working with the land, a symbiotic relationship with natural resources; respectful and harmonious. Drawn to these landscapes, and a memory of what was, she contemplates the history of the region and wonders of its future.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Lisarb’s Chairman, Jamie MacDonald-Murray, says: “Born in the southwest myself, I was drawn to Natalie’s journey and her connection with the same natural environment in which I grew up, and in which I founded Lisarb. Natalie’s work echoes Lisarb’s own ethos. We harness the power of rugged land and sea -scapes with respect, while better understanding the cultural and commercial relationship between the earth below and our activities above. Given Lisarb’s focus on renewables – whether from the sun, wind or water – we are especially proud to be supporting ‘This Land’ just as Cornwall’s natural and mineral resources sector is seeing such a renaissance; driven by demand for low carbon energy and technologies such as ours.”